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‘The safest nuclear power plant worldwide‘ describes the bizzare everyday life of people living and working at the nuclear power plant in Zwentendorf, Austria. Since 1978 the plant has been ready for operation. Shortly before it was set to open, popular vote prevented the start of the plant – it was never put to use until today.

HOME IN MIND_tami liberman_GERMANY_2013_10min
Tami, a newcomer to the online 3D world of Second Life, approaches owners of virtual Second-Life homes in an attempt to re-discover her own lost home. Blending Second-Life and real-life footage, Tami explores the experience of home in the virtual era, and the ability to capture it on film.

OPEN VILLAGE COUNCIL_carmen comadran_SPAIN_2012_6min
In Spain, it is a right that villages of less than a hundred inhabitants are entitled to, in recognition of the tradition of assembly where villagers gathered in symbolic places such as squares or under ancient trees and took decisions about the present and future of the village. Legislative changes are making it increasingly difficult to maintain and only villages that show a clear desire for self-management are able to maintain the open village council.

NEWCOMERS_mariana duarte oliviera_BELGIUM_2013_16min
After a 10 days clandestine journey, a young couple finds asylum in Belgium. Then comes the hope of starting a new life, facing social constraints.

PARTICLE ACCELERATION_simone catharina gaul_GERMANY_2012_9min
More success. More Money. More power. More partying. More, and more, and more. Until finally we are out of breath, and then someone misses the turn. Chris searches for a kick through motocross races on ice. Rea and Bea party to excess all night long. Melitta never stops running. All trying to get out of their daily hamster wheel lives, looking for emotional content in a harsh, technical world built of concrete, steel and plastic where personal achievement and success are all important. All of them are running away, but always in circles. An experimental visualization of our daily life acceleration.

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LA VOIX DE LA TOUNDRA_jean ehret_BELGIUM_2013_50min
Anastasia Lapsui is the first film-maker from the Far North of Russia to have filmed her people in the mother tongue – Nenets. Born in the village of Yamal tundra in 1943, she bears witness to the end of an era, filming a world in the process of mutation. Through a 'making of' from her latest film-shoot, this is a portrait of a film-maker and her people, the Nenets of the tundra.

North Kivu, Democratic Republic Of Congo. After a bloody civil war that lasted for years, Congolese society has lost its identity. However, archaic superstitions and magical beliefs are the only elements left which still bring the population together. These forces guide the defense of the territory led by Mai-Mai rebels, but they also make people consider those who are different as a threat, just like what happens to the deaf in Butembo. This is the story of those who have no voice and no hope, but who keep struggling for their own dignity, not willing to resign to unhappiness.

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Hungarian Moustache is about a group of Hungarian patriots who identify themselves through their mustache. Mustache in general is a symbol of manhood and patriotism for them. But the big and bushy Hungarian mustache is even more: it is a style that appears in the European Mustache Championship as an official category. The only problem is that these strong patriots who consider themselves the most authentic, could never win in their own category so far. Because there is a German guy, called Günter Rosin who is unstoppable in Hungarian style in the last ten years. The stake if the Hungarians could win this time?!

103 WEDNESDAY_daniel erdelyi_HUNGARY_2013_16min
It seems as if it were a crisis. Everybody seems to be leaving... But how was it earlier?

AGNUS DEI_reka szucs_HUNGARY_2013_11min
'Those who move away from God get closer to him as well, only they have taken the longer way' /Lázár Ervin/

AWAY_roland ferge_HUNGARY_2013_11min
Hopes of a brighter future fade and a sense of hopelessness gains a generation as more young people decide to leave the homeland.

JUST THE WAY IT IS_bernadett tuza-ritter_HUNGARY_2013_13min
A movie which gives an insight into the mysterious Russian Soul through a portrait of a fragile and strong Russian woman who behaves like Dostoyevsky’s lonely hero of the 2nd class on the Trans-Siberian Railway. As a carriage attendant she serves hundreds of passengers every day, even if she’s longing for home and dreaming about being a ballet dancer. The journey with her in the middle of the frozen Siberia gives a glance into the Russian dreams, love, suffering and happiness – in an unusual form of documentary storytelling.

TOURIST_szonja szabo_HUNGARY_2012_14min
While Bunny and Laci are facing serious issues in their relationship, Xiu Xiu and Lee are magnetized to each other from 10.000 miles away. Sudden changes stir up the everyday life of a remote Eastern-European town. A 15-minute comedy about a small town robbery.


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THE GOVERNANCE OF LOVE_adela kaczmarek_POLAND_2013_13min
It is an animated documentary about imagination. The protagonist lives in several realities at the same time. Real people and events intertwine with those created by his imagination. He looks for a place for himself in this world and does it in his own unique way. He spins a tale while dreaming about the rule of love in Poland. Despite its naivety, his world ignites thought about the existential notions of good and evil. 

WHEN I AM A BIRD_monika pawluczuk_POLAND_2013_30min
MuLa lives in a Thai village by the Burmese border. She is from the Kajan people and her neck is adorned with characteristic gold neck rings. Her life has not been easy as she had to leave her native Burma and seek refuge in Thailand while her only daughter stayed home. MuLa makes her living selling souvenirs to tourists but the family’s financial situation is very difficult. 

ABU HARAZ_maciej j. drygaz_POLAND_2013_73min
Abu Haraz is a small village in the middle of the desert in North Sudan. The construction of a huge dam on the Nile has interfered with the age-old, natural rhythm of the lives of its residents. The filmmakers have spent several years with them, observing their vain attempts to turn back fate.

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WHEN DID I SEE THEM KISSING_baptiste janon_BELGIUM_2013_18min
Comfortably seated in the night taxi, the driver proposes a route. He himself chooses the destination, confessing intimate journeys to the customer. Portraits and fantasies of men revealed by a daily nightlife.

DIRT IS FREEDOM_birgit bergmann&steffi franz&oliver werani_AUSTRIA_2013_80min
A stranded filmmaker, a carefree student of psychology and a medical physicist, three months pregnant, take us to another world where water does not run into a canister by itself, the internet is under a bucket and the compost toilet is full within a year – the vehicle-site Hafenstrasse. The group has signed a contract with the City of Vienna and the removal to the legal plot is imminent. There the provisional arrangements should be replaced by a permanent infrastructure. But not all are sure whether they want to give up the freedom of the squatted site for a fenced in security.

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WHITE AREA_anssi pulkkinen_FINLAND_2011_30min
Suicide is the most common individual cause of death among young men in Finland. The film depicts this departure as a ritualistic process.

HYPERMARKET NATION_paula korva_FINLAND_2011_26min
Brothers Ingvar and Stig Palmen run a small grocery store in the suburbs of Helsinki. The store has persisted through six decades but is now faced with fierce competition from huge hypermarkets.

PIZZA DE PARIS_sera martikainen_FINLAND_2011_13min
Step inside a pizza place and, please, stay for a while. There is no hurry though there is much to do.

DIARY OF A JOURNEY_moona pennanen_FINLAND_2011_7min
An inner portray of a man who searches for reasons to live at the brink of life and death.

THE ELK WHISPERER_ilkka rautio_FINLAND_2011_17min
Short documentary about encounter between Elk Whisperer and Elk at the beginning of hunting season.

MOTHERS_elina hyvarinen_FINLAND_2011_10min
A poetic short story about becoming a mother. Based on archive footage.


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THE SUBSTITUTE_talya lavie_ISRAEL_2005_19min
Zohara is an Israeli soldier on an isolated military base who is about to get a much-anticipated transfer. Her hopes are shattered when her substitute appears to be suicidal.

TOLYA_rodeon brodsky_ISRAEL_2009_10min
On International Women's Day, when all his fellow alien workers call their distant wives to greet them, Tolya remains speechless as he calls Natasha, his wife. He can't pronounce anything but a whistling mumble with his toothless mouth. Tolya is ready to give up on words, but not on his romantic message.

OUR BEST ROMANTIC YEARS_shlomi hayun_2011_15min
Shlomi Hayun, a graduate who married his classmate, intereviews and observes numerous couples who met in school. They look back, sometimes in anger, on their filmmaking dreams and romances of schooldays and now.

SLIDING FLORA_talaya lavie_ISRAEL_2003_12min
Flora is born in the field, that's what she keeps telling everyone. She is a waitress in a coffee shop that requires complex acrobatic skills. Flora can not take it anymore. But she still hasn't lost her dramatic talent...

DIPLOMA_yaelle kayam_ISRAEL_2009_22min
It is the night of the Jewish settlment masquerade party. Fifteen year old Samer insists on taking her older sister Ayat to collect her diploma from the Palestinian University.

COCK FIGHT_sigalit liphshitz_ISRAEL_2000_14min
It is a hot summer day. Israeli chicken breeder Marziano is driving his stock to the market with his worker. Upon arriving at Palestinian read – block, they are brought to a halt.

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LIFE BEYOND THE GRAVE_marika pretkiewicz_POLAND_2013_9min
Local gravedigger - Mr. Eugeniusz Jaworek, after closing the gates of the cemetery - takes viewers for a short trip through his life. This very suggestive and touching image tries to answer the question: how to live with dignity?

LEFT SIDE OF THE FACE_marcin bortkiewicz_POLAND_2013_12min
The film 'Left Side of the Face' follows photographer Leszek Krutulski as he creates an interesting artistic project. Travelling the length and breadth of Poland, he invites people (of all ages, races, nationalities, outlooks on life and sexual orientations) to an impromptu photographic studio. If they agree, he then takes a photo of the left side of their face. He will photograph the right side in ten years time.  

SATI_bartek swiderski_POLAND_2013_24min
A film reminiscence about Piotr Morawski, a conqueror of six eight-thousanders and a participant of the first in history winter expedition to Shishapangma who died in the Himalayas, at the slope of Dhaulagiri, on 8 April 2009. His story is reported by the mountaineer’s wife, Olga, full of both grief and respect for her husband’s passion. The meetings with Olga Morawska, edited in the film, occurred over a period of a few months following her husband’s death. The first one was just a month after the accident.

THE LUST KILLER_marcin koszalka_POLAND_2013_44min
„The lust killer” is a film about human lust, perversion and hidden desires. It’s a film showing that the essence of being a human is crossing borders and that a quiet fascination by killers is common for many.. Two intriguing taboos - sex and death - meet in “The lust killer”. Does gloomy fascination that surrounds serial killers tell us something important about ourselves? The figure of Joachim Knychała, who murdered five women between 1975 and 1982, is used to focus our attention on those whose lives were marked by the infamous ‘vampire from Bytom’. Among them there is a former journalist, Edward Kozak, who, despite his old age, admits he has a variety of obsessions. The film about the ‘vampire’ offers him an opportunity to enter the limelight one more time.

THE BRICK_htoo tay zar&htuu lou rae&min thu aung&yan naing ko&zin no no_POLAND_2013_15min
90 minutes drive away from Yangon - Burma's main city - there is a village in which the whole populations main activity is dedicated to the manufacture of bricks. These people - men, women, children - are devoting their lives to this demanding task, becoming part of an impressive working chain. The Brick has been created as a part of workshops organized by Lech Walesa Institute in Yangon in September 2013 under supervision of Jan Czarlewski.

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WHEN THE FLESH BECOMES WORK_prierre martin_BELGIUM_2013_20min
Two-tone portrait of Philippe Sangdor, named Phil. Singer-performer for the group Tatoo noise act, Phil is a multiple character. The placid pace of his everyday life contrasts with his public performance made of tatttoos, piercings, costumes or disclosures.

BINTOU_simone catharina gaul_GERMANY/BURKINA FASO_2014_64min
Bintou is from Burkina Faso and loves to lead a modern lifestyle. She dreams of becoming a famous dressmaker. Suddenly her life is turned upside-down when she has to take responsibility for her own daughter again who has been living in a children’s home so far. A film about dreams, responsibilities and the search for one’s place in life.

Bosteri is a village in the middle of the Kirghiz steppe. There, between wild horses and one of the world’s largest mountain lakes, a Ferris wheel rises up into the sky that only runs for two months of the year. An encounter with the people that summer has left behind.

VIGIA_marcel barelli_ SWITZERLAND_2013_7min
Because of the pollution, a bee decides to leave her hive for a better place to live...

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TAKE TO THE WOODS_kristina frank_SWEDEN_2011_6min
Out on the street, noisy traffic that never ends. Trying to close it out, but inside grows a monster who wants to beat its way out.

OUT OF ERASERS_erik rosenlund_SWEDEN_2011_15min
A woman on her way home becomes a victim of a strange infection.
She soon realizes that an epidemic is spreading and there are larger forces at work.
While struggling to find a cure she also discovers that desperate times require hard choices.

NEXT DOOR LETTERS_sascha fulscher_SWEDEN_2011_14min
Lilja and Sandra decide to play Melitta a prank by sending her a love letter signed with an invented name – a boy’s. When Lilja receives a letter in return the correspondence leads to something entirely else.

SHARAF_hanna heilborn&david aronowitsch_SWEDEN_2012_14min
"The boat was like a fly on the ocean. We just drifted without food or water." 17 year-old Sharaf is one of many refugees who have arrived in Gran Canaria in recent years. Sharaf's story gives a voice to those who made it through the journey alive, but also to those who died at sea.

I'VE BEEN HERE_sarasvati shrestha_SWEDEN_2012_14min
Tyra is 13 years old. Through her everyday life and its unexpected turns, we get to know Tyra and her thoughts. A state of clarity and total confusion. A story about liberation, dreams and standing up for yourself.

SEAWEED_ ida svenonius_SWEDEN_2010_5min
Set in the Swedish archipelago, Seaweed tells the story of an adolescent girl's sudden confrontation with her biggest phobia.

SNAIL IN SPACE_ sanne hellberg_SWEDEN_2012_10min
Mega missiles on a spaceship are pointing at Earth, ready to evaporate all humankind. The only one who can save the planet is a tiny, cowardly snail. We follow his adventurous and dangerous faceoff.

BENJAMIN’S FLOWERS_malin erixon_SWEDEN_2012_12min
Benjamin’s lack of love and company has placed him on the blurry borderline between fantasy and reality, where it can be hard to understand what’s real and not.

SLAVES hanna heilborn&david aronowitsch_SWEDEN_2008_15min
The conversations with two freed children from southern Sudan, who were kidnapped by a government-supported militia and forced into slavery.

DOKUBAZAAR is a transnational independent short and documentary film festival currently based in Ljubljana (SLO) dedicated to presentation and promotion of contemporary short & documentary films to Slovenian and wide European audiences. Its 6th edition will introduce colorful and diverse programming including 48 creative short and documentary films from all around the world.

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