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javier macipe costa_2013_spain/ecuador_29min_english subtitles
A group of priests receive a mysterious letter from the Vatican. In this letter, they are invited to leave Sucumbios as soon as possible. Sucumbios is a province of Ecuadorian Rainforest, which is immensely rich in petroleum. The Pope appoints the Order of the Gospel Heralds, heirs to the movement “Tradition, Family and Property” and in view of these facts, Monsignor Gonzalo Lopez decides to start an indefinite hunger strike, camping in a park in Quito.

christine hurzeler_2011_switzerland_27min_english subtitles
Why do I remember one thing and not the other?” In her film essay “Grandfather Never Saw the Sea”, Christine Hürzeler explores her own family history in an unusual and unusually poetic way. The film-maker interlaces family recordings, found footage and recent images into a visual and acoustic examination of her origins. Upon closer inspection, it reveals the frictions, cracks and unconfessed longings which ultimately betray domestic happiness as merely staged. “Be nice to each other, says the father. We have a good time together.“ Beyond the personal, Hürzeler’s film is astonishingly accurate in documenting the atmosphere of an entire era. The unease of the individual is also the unease of a generation which grew up in a supposedly free society, yet lived under the constantly looming shadow of the Cold War.

adrien kuenzy_2013_switzerland_37min_english subtitles
Dominique lives with a few others in a Salvation Army shelter, a place cut off from the “real” world. This results in the inhabitants being marginalized, albeit protected from the outside world, or from a certain “normalcy”. Dominique, a schizophrenic, confides in the filmmaker, talking about his life and his attempts at existence. He describes the power of his visions, which enable him to perceive a double reality: dreams and magic on the one hand, and all that is real on the other. He is aware of the malady that causes his suffering and would like to leave his dream life behind in order to live “like the good guy he knows he is”.

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jan pawel trzaska&joaquin del paso_2012_poland_45min_english subtitles
A village in the Sierra Madre is inhabited by the last representatives of an ancient Mixteco culture. Deprived of their identity by modern civilization, they are facing an even bigger threat: a landslide that may destroy the village during torrential rains. The local leader tries to prevent the disaster. He wants to invite a geologist to the village, so that the approaching danger could be officially confirmed. But no help is coming and the inhabitants may just humbly wait for the disaster to happen.

radka franczak_2012_poland/russia_50min_english subtitles
Documentary shows how a seemingly rigid monastery can be a place full of life, beauty and artistic expression. Sonia, a young nun, paints icons in the night and then sleeps until noon. She has a dog, cats, exotic birds, and a body that rebelled against the strict rigour of the monks. Trying to understand her and the meaning of her life choices, we come to Sonia’s family, marked with the history of Russia. At the same time, the film is a journey inside the Orthodox church, showing that the deep spirituality of the nation is being reborn. "Losing Sonia" tells the story of an unusual woman who, within the walls of the monastery, is trying to rebuild the values that Russian society has lost under successive political regimes.

adam palenta_2012_poland_8min_english subtitles
Freestyle life is a story of the art of putting up the fight, when the game involves the most competitive rivals – ourselves. Resistance to the determinism leads towards stubborn challenging oneselves to consecutive duels. The surface of the screen that precisely keeps the viewer from reality resembles the surface of water that separates swimmers from their disability.

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malgorzata imielska_2012_poland/afghanistan_55min_english subtitles
Five professional soldiers (one of them a woman) set out for the war in Afghanistan as part of the Polish contingent in NATO. They are to spend ‘only half a year’ in Afghanistan, yet when they say goodbye to their families they do not realize what is awaiting them. Their stay in a military base in the Ghazni province will be an extreme experience verifying their notion of heroism. The return to the civilian reality will not be easy either, since the war leaves its mark on people and is addictive.

kuba lubniewski&mikolaj molenda_2012_poland/mexico_33min_english subtitles
Two young surf dudes from Poland - Kuba Łubniewski and Mikołaj Molenda - made this splish-splash documentary in Mexico's Puerto Escondido. The film follows four fellow surfers as they grace the waves and maneuver their way through the coast's surf culture.

jagoda szelc_2012_poland_17min_english subtitles
The film character has an unusual passion. He is ready to sacrifice a lot for it, including his own life. Exit Point is a film about decision making; in order to be free one must sometimes slavishly follow one’s nature. This is also a story of sacrifice in the name of superior values. What’s the prize of being free and is freedom indeed worth the biggest sacrifice?

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agnieszka gonczarek&patryk kizny_2012_poland_36min_english subtitles
Muzyki (Musics) is a creative documentary about the stimulative process of making music, materialized in an artistic collaboration of the musician Michał Zygmunt and filmmakers Aga Gonczarek & Patryk Kizny. It explores the inspirations, the quest for one’s roots, the artistic meetings and the musical journey into the unknown, which all lead to the creation of a unique music album and a series of exceptional live music performances. It reveals a modern interpretation of Polish roots culture by means of music and imagery.

magdalena szymkow_2012_poland_28min_english subtitles
Two women, one house. An intimate story about a Pole and a German placed by war on enemy sides and their parallel lives accidentally brought together. The film reflects on the concepts of invaders, victim, guilt and forgiveness. It confronts different experiences and their paradoxical similarities. It deals with the controversial subject of the post-war accountings. The visual narration is flowing, guided by memories and archives. Traditional documentation confronts experimental use of archival footage in the cinematic impression about displacement.

hari secic_2012_bosnia&herzegovina_15min_english subtitles
The world we live in constantly sets a certain physical ideals as standards of beauty and as the way to measure things. In contrast to propagated uniformity the films shows natural diversity.

damir mujagic_2012_ bosnia&herzegovina_15min_english subtitles
Damir fought in the recent war among the most elite soldiers. Now he fights an equally tough war, he is a single dad.

victor orozco ramirez_2012_germany/mexico_11min_english subtitles
It was autumn when I arrived in Germany. I thought that in this exotic country I could distance myself a little bit from Mexico, but I was wrong. Drug traffickers managed to take me back in a ruthless way. A short animated documentary about the drug-related violence in Mexico.

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diana aszyk_2012_poland/ukraine_17min_english subtitles
A poetic tale of living on the lake of one Ukrainian family, for which the lake has throughout generations been the focal point of life.

18 KG
kacper czubak_2012_poland/zambia_24min_english subtitles
Kasisi, an orphanage 40 km away from Zambia’s capital, takes in starving and ill children, often on the verge of death, whom nobody wants. For many of them, the orphanage run by Polish missionaries is a last resort. Great sacrifice of nuns, however, may both bring joy and cause suffering. One of the children is Francis, a young boy with HIV. Can the nuns persuade him to put up an unequal fight against the disease?

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Director: Eni BRANDNER
9 min.
Landscape that is used to supply the city. Cars flash across the road, passing oil pumps and wind turbines, periphery and suburbs move by in accelerated speed. Through streets, along facades right into the maze of the city. The view to the horizon changes continuously in a sublime accumulation of things that are seemingly supplied in abundance. Ever changing fragments of a city, that has been growing over the centuries, dance along the streets in their varied stylistic interpretations.

Director: Birgit BERGMANN, Stefanie FRANZ, Oliver WERANI
73 min.
This documentary accompanies the truck squad Treibstoff („Fuel“) for one year in their search for a home. The idea of vehicle sites is fairly new in Austria and confronted with quite a few problems. We experience first hand their major efforts for a political solution to legalize vehicle sites in Vienna. They express their hopes, wishes, motivations, fears or anger and move like an odyssey from fallow land to fallow land. The landowners are not interested in this alternative life-style and always come up with the same excuse: Something will be built here!

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Stick No Bills
Director: Oliver WERANI
54 min.
Documentary about how big companies are going to squeeze sub cultural interests out of public space to gain more profit. Hence no public space will be left to advertise small cultural events or political statements. Some even see the freedom of expression in danger but there are still people left putting up posters illegally despite high fines.

Director: Natalie HALLA
60 min.
In Slovakia, behind walls built to separate the Romani ethnicity from the “white” population, babies are born in precarious conditions. In Palestine, a civilian population’s life passes in the shadow of a concrete wall eleven meters high. Beyond that wall, family, land, and jobs are left behind. In Western Sahara, in an attempt to create a safe zone, young women risk their lives removing landmines from the 3,000 kilometer strip of sand wall that separates them from their land and families. SEPARATED, through the voices of its protagonists, speaks of three peoples’ struggle to survive. Their common destiny unites them: exclusion and oblivion.

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unai aranzadi_2013_spain/colombia_63min_english subtitles
President Santos opens an international megaproject with champagne while children who have been displaced because of it die a few metres away. General Reyes states that a guerrilla leader has been executed without knowing that, a few hours later, he would have to admit that, in fact, the killed person was an indigenous leader. The judge who was investigating several military members for raping and murdering of three children is killed. Workers of a banana plantation risk their lives to claim their rights...

adam lewandowski_2012_poland_29min_english subtitles
The film is a portrait of Zygmunt Samosiuk, a great forgotten cinematographer, who died in 1983. As a director of photography he worked on such films as The Birch Wood, Landscape Afterthe Battle and Austeria. He introduced, among others, hand‑held camera shots, colour lights and shooting at minimum exposure. Reminiscences of his colleagues and friends, including Andrzej Wajda and Piotr Szulkin, show a gifted artist and a modest man who valued his work above all.

gabriel folgado_2012_spain_15min_english subtitles
“All that exists is made of time, from the galaxies to chestnuts; only the rhythm changes", José María Merino “LA SIMA”.

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katarina hlincikova_2012_slovakia_25min_english subtitles
When we want to learn about a country and the mentality of its people, we travel, paying attention to the environment in which we find ourselves, and its status quo. The way people and authorities treat their environment saysmuch about the country itself. In the case of No Closet Issue, the environment chosen to interpret the culture and the country are its public toilettes in various socially differentiated settings, ranging from the Parliament, through the philharmonic, a football stadium, mountain chalet and numerous others, all the way to a latrine at the lowest point in Slovakia.

fany de la chica_2013_spain/uk/cambodia_52min_english subtitles
The fields in Battambang, Cambodia, are full of landmines. Every day there are accidents that involve children injured whilst playing in the fields surrounding their villages. This documentary tells the history of one of these children, Ratita, a girl injured by a landmine who lives in the Arrupe Centre.

enrique caruncho_2013_spain_13min_english subtitles
Ramón Torrelledó is back in Spain after a long and passionate journey in Russia. Conductor of the Symphony Orchestras of Moscow, Siberia, Rostov and Vorenezh, this experience has changed his way of understanding the labyrinth of Classic Music.

daniel suberviola&luis felipe torrente_2013_spain_29min_english subtitles
Manuel Chaves Nogales was always there where the news was: in the fratricidal Spain of 1936, in Bolshevik Russia, in fascist Italy, in nazi Germany, at a perishing Paris or at the London wrapped in flames of World War II. His job was walking and telling. At a time when you had to take sides if you didn't want to be set aside yourself, he used the written word to fight against the different forms of totalitarianism which were ravaging Europe. But Chaves always remained independent and that is precisely the reason why he was forgotten for more than half a century.

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maja brnusakova_2012_slovakia_19min_english subtitles
The story about one young woman who didn’t get love in her childhood. Now she has been looking for a big love on all wrong places and destroying her own life.

mateusz glowacki_2012_poland_30min_english subtitles
A film about women recounted from young men’s point of view. This humorous picture of young generation proves that the fairer sex is a riddle males still cannot guess.

diego cabezas_2012_spain_13min_english subtitles
“Javi Mojave” (nickname of Javier García) makes and plays his own musical instruments inspirated in African tradition. Distance between Africa and where he lives in Extremadura (Spain), doesn´t prevent him feeling part of that ancient culture, which he hopes to travel one day.

vincent forster_2013_germany/egypt_41min_english subtitles
Alexandria and Cairo between December 2011 and July 2012, between the first free Parliamentary and Presidential Elections as well as the first anniversary of the revolution. But even one year after the subversion of Hosni Mubarak nothing has really changed and prospects for the future - depending on the point of view - are rather bleak, too. Six people with different social backgrounds talk about their experiences, fears, wishes, dreams and the relationship with their motherland.


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